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Harry  1:15 Terval Electric vs Mohawk Ford Liuna  1:30 1st Ont. Credit Union vs J.A.T. Plumbing
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Harry  12:15 D&P Mobile X-Ray vs Aligned Capital Partners Liuna  12:30 J.A.T. Plumbing vs Danny's Transmission
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Notice of Nomination for 2014-2015 Board of Directors
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   Notice for By-Law #1 and RRP Review Committee Submissions, 2014
  The RNHL By-Law 1 is the legal document required for incorporation that governs the Board of Directors and how our hockey league is managed. Every year the Vice-President of Business Chairs committees to review By-Law #1, the RRP and general business practices.

Every member has the right to submit a motion at the AGM to modify the wording in By-Law #1. To either submit a motion or to discuss submitting a motion, please contact the Vice-President of Business well before the deadline at
Gruneberg@cogeco.ca. The dead line for any By-Law #1 submissions shall be April 1, 2014.

The Rules, Regulations and Policies (RRP) govern the “Rules of Play”, the “Operation Committee Guidelines”, the general “Affairs and Policies” as well as define the “Duties and Responsibilities of Officers”.  RRP review committees will review written submissions from any member. All league members submitting a written submission will have an opportunity to discuss their submission with RRP review committee participants. 

Any submissions by Team Reps or players involving RRP Section 1 and 2 should be sent to your Divisional Convener, who will present your submission to the Operations Committee for consideration. The Vice President of Operations will chair an Operations Committee meeting to discuss and propose beneficial RRP changes. All Operation Committee approved changes to the RRP shall go to the Board for approval. 

Any submissions by players, team reps or conveners involving RRP Section 3, 4, and 5 should be sent to league President at
corjtaylor@cogeco.ca and c.c. VP Business at gruneberg@cogeco.ca. All submissions will be discussed by the Board.

The Referee in Chief will discuss any penalty, interpretation or enforcement issues with the Referees Association who may submit recommendations for the RRP review committee. Submissions by members regarding penalties or enforcement should be sent to the Referee in Chief at
corbettssports@hotmail.com for consideration.

Submissions accepted by the Board will be posted on the league website before the AGM to be held on April 22, 2014. The members present at the AGM can ratify the packaged RRP changes or continue to be governed by the current RRP. 

Posted by:
Harold Gruneberg
Vice-President Business
Notice of Nomination for 2014-2015 Board of Directors
Nominations from league members are now open for the following four Offices on the Board of Directors. The Term for each Office is two (2) years. Elections shall take place at the AGM on April 22, 2014.

Names of any nominated Candidates and the Office they seek must be in writing to the current Vice-President Business, Harold Gruneberg by the Nomination closing time. The Nominator, Seconder and the Nominee names can be submitted by Email to
gruneberg@cogeco.ca . Please read the responsibilities found in the RRP. If there are any questions, contact your current Convenor first.

Nominations from the membership shall be closed at 7:00, PM on March 23, 2014.

Offices Open for Nomination               Current Nominations

President                                                   None

Vice-President Operations                      Dave Derbyshire
Past President                                         Chuck Taylor
Director at Large                                      None